Simple, Pure, Clean.

This is our flagship product – Kurativ Premium CBD Oil is made with all-natural ingredients including MCT and premium hemp extracts. If you are going to choose just one daily product to incorporate into your regimen – make it this one.


Soothe your aches, pains and discomfort with our all-natural topical line of Kurativ Premium CBD products

Each product is handmade in small batches at our lab, and is of the upmost quality.

Choose between lotions, creams, massage oils, roll-on salves, and even bath bombs!


We can barely keep ’em in stock!

Arguably the most delicious CBD product on the market – these gummies aim to please. Packed with 20mg of pure premium CBD per gummy, not only are they loaded with juicy flavour, they are highly effective and portable..


CBD can help your furry friends too!

When it comes to your pets, we know they deserve the best. With Kurativ Premium CBD for animals, our products are designed to support, manage and provide natural relief to health conditions they may be experiencing.

Help Improve Your Overall Health & Wellness


Be the best version of yourself.

This is our flagship product – Kurativ Premium CBD Oil is made with all-natural ingredients including MCT and premium hemp extracts. If you are going to choose just one daily product to incorporate into your regimen – make it this one.


Suffer from Insomnia?
CBD can help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

The battle to get a good nights rest can leave you feeling emotionally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Using CBD remedies prior to sleep can naturally and effectively work to calm your body and mind, allowing you wake feeling refreshed and fulfilled.


Ease pain, naturally.

In some cases, CBD can provide us with an all-natural plant based alternative to pharmaceuticals, and that’s why it deserves a gold star. Studies have shown that CBD

can help sooth and manage chronic pain in those suffering from, but not limited to:

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, epilepsy, muscle spasms.


Studies into CBD & depression look promising.

Studies have shown that the natural compounds found in CBD is linked to boosting natural levels of happiness in your body by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain.Evidence is being collected to demonstrate how adding CBD into your daily routine can give you therapeutic benefits, without the side effects of prescription medications.


Is CBD safe for your pets?yes, yes and YES!

Our pets feel emotions, they age, and much like humans, are able to experience symptoms related to hyper-active, anxiety and stress disorders, noise phobias, loss of appetite, nausea and chronic pain – the list goes on. CBD can help you help your pets maintain a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.


CBD for Acne? it’s a thing.

Researchers have found that CBD can repress oil production in the skin, and also has anti-inflammatory effects on oil-producing glands. Doesn’t hurt to try – Add a few drops of premium CBD into your skin care regime – our skin is rich with cannabinoid receptors!

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What Our Clients have to Say

(Carol, Orangeville, Ontario)

Testimonial 7

I'm an older lady with significant knee issues (OA, meniscus, tendon injury) and overall early stage osteoarthritis. I find the CBD products greatly reduce the pain and inflammation that I get. I refer many of my friends to these products, and continually promote the products to friends and acquaintances.Thanks!

(Maria Avdeeva, Waterdown, Ontario)

Testimonial 6

I have recently decided to try CBD Oil Drops from Isolate by Kurativ. Lately I have had the worst anxiety, and was unable to get proper sleep most nights due to panic attacks. I decided to finally try a cbd oil from Kurativ and honestly it was life changing. I noticed that It helped almost completely eliminate panic attacks that I was suffering from EVERY night. I notice I am also able to sleep better and feel rested. I have just ordered my second bottle because I have truly seen a positive difference for myself. It’s amazing to know there is a natural way to help with anxiety. Thank you Kurativ and I can’t wait to try more products from this line.

(Joe Kajin, Mississauga, Ontario)

Testimonial 5

I have bad arthritis in both my hands and my finger bones are sore. Because I’m almost 80 years old I wasn’t sure how these CBD products would work and if they would even work at all. I didn’t even know what CBD was until I was introduced to Kurativ from my daughter. I started using the 500mg CBD cream in the mornings and at night and believe it; I started to feel less pain within 15 minutes of rubbing it on my hands. I continue to use it every day. The smell is very nice!

(Jeff Raymond, Orangeville, Ontario)

Testimonial 4

Hey I love this chicken CBD jerky that I got for my Cat and he seems to love it too. The fact that it’s all lab-tested and organic provides some peace of mind as well. Thank you.

(Margaret Gray, Orangeville, Ontario)

Testimonial 3

Prior to trying the CBD gummies I suffered from frequent migraines. I started eating a gummy every time I felt the “aura” and most of the time the migraine doesn’t even come! When the migraine does come - it’s probably at 50% of the strength it typically is so I wouldn’t give buying these again a second thought!

(KATRINA SQUIRES, Mississauga, Ontario)

Testimonial 1

As a testimonial I was reluctant to spend $130 on 1200 mg of the CBD oil, not knowing if it would work. I had originally bought it to help me sleep but I was surprised today at how much it really relieved my arthritis pain as I had run out of the oil two days ago and woke up with very stiff knees and hips this morning. While this version did not make a difference in my sleep pattern (I may try the full spectrum next time?) it has certainly been very effective at relieving pain due to arthritis! I love it and can’t wait for my replacement bottle!!!

(Leigh Meadows, Toronto, Ontario)

Testimonial 2

I was new to CBD Oil and had no idea what to get! They helped guide me through all the options and I tried it….for myself with severe osteo arthritis in my foot, for my Husband who has inflammation in his stomach and my dog who has arthritis in her hip….a family affair….It was amazing, my pain went away, honestly, went away, my Husband stomach is greatly improved, and my lovely dog is bounding around again without limping, or struggling to jump on the bed!!!!