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How to Use CBD for Sleep

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Why CBD for Sleep? As we age, we realize how important having a good night’s sleep is. Essentially, it impacts how we function during our day-to-day. Millions of adults have or will suffer from some form of sleep disorder in their lifetime. When we receive proper sleep, our bodies feel rejuvenated and we experience these […]

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits it provides, and a lot of people are curious to know exactly how this oil works. CBD interacts with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system and stimulates a number of molecular pathways. When cannabis is consumed, the receptors on cell membranes become activated, and this is […]

How to Use CBD for Arthritis and Joint Pain

How to Use CBD for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Cannabis naturally supplies the body with pain relief, increased dexterity, and improvement of life overall. It’s time to say goodbye to pharmaceutical medication with an endless list of side effects and say hello to the proven medical wonder that is marijuana. Whether you choose to smoke it, eat it or use it topically, you’re guaranteed […]

How Much CBD Is Right for You?

If you’re wondering how much CBD you should take, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration, including your desired result, your metabolism, your weight and your genetics, for example. You also have to consider the concentration of CBD in each capsule, gummy, or oil because this aspect and the serving size […]

CBD Oils for Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety Are you suffering from anxiety? panic attacks? daily stress that seems to be out of your control? Unfortunately, It’s happening to a lot more of us today especially given the struggles and uncertainties brought by the COVID 19 pandemic. Anxiety can be unpredictable, it can happen out of nowhere, for no reason. […]