Testimonial 7

I’m an older lady with significant knee issues (OA, meniscus, tendon injury) and overall early stage osteoarthritis. I find the CBD products greatly reduce the pain and inflammation that I get. I refer many of my friends to these products, and continually promote the products to friends and acquaintances.Thanks!

Testimonial 6

I have recently decided to try CBD Oil Drops from Isolate by Kurativ. Lately I have had the worst anxiety, and was unable to get proper sleep most nights due to panic attacks. I decided to finally try a cbd oil from Kurativ and honestly it was life changing. I noticed that It helped almost […]

Testimonial 5

I have bad arthritis in both my hands and my finger bones are sore. Because I’m almost 80 years old I wasn’t sure how these CBD products would work and if they would even work at all. I didn’t even know what CBD was until I was introduced to Kurativ from my daughter. I started […]

Testimonial 4

Hey I love this chicken CBD jerky that I got for my Cat and he seems to love it too. The fact that it’s all lab-tested and organic provides some peace of mind as well. Thank you.

Testimonial 3

Prior to trying the CBD gummies I suffered from frequent migraines. I started eating a gummy every time I felt the “aura” and most of the time the migraine doesn’t even come! When the migraine does come – it’s probably at 50% of the strength it typically is so I wouldn’t give buying these again […]

Testimonial 1

As a testimonial I was reluctant to spend $130 on 1200 mg of the CBD oil, not knowing if it would work. I had originally bought it to help me sleep but I was surprised today at how much it really relieved my arthritis pain as I had run out of the oil two days […]

Testimonial 2

I was new to CBD Oil and had no idea what to get! They helped guide me through all the options and I tried it….for myself with severe osteo arthritis in my foot, for my Husband who has inflammation in his stomach and my dog who has arthritis in her hip….a family affair….It was amazing, […]